Altitude and Sports Performance

Oxygen is the limiting factor in sports performance.

When insufficient oxygen is delivered to muscles, FATIGUE sets in.

Hypoxic Training improves oxygen delivery and utilization at all levels. In a double-blind placebo controlled study presented at the European College of Sports Science in 2004, German researchers presented some remarkable findings. Highly trained athletes demonstrated an astounding 40% anaerobic performance boost (forearm exercise until exhaustion), and a 20% aerobic performance increase (cycling until exhaustion).

This resulting in Improved aerobic performance, Improved oxygen utilization VO2 Max, Enhanced power output and speed, Improved strength and endurance, Increased exercise-till-exhaustion (ETE) time and Reduced recovery time after exertion.


Altitude and Rehabilitation

Oxygen delivery to damaged muscles is crucial in speeding recovery from injury. Hypoxic training has been proven to increase oxygen delivery to damaged tissue. Localized oxygen treatment at the point of injury is an established rehabilitation aid. Unfortunately when the oxygen device is removed from the damaged area the beneficial results are also removed. Hypoxic training on the other hand, increases your own individual ability to get oxygen to the damaged area. When you are not doing the hypoxic training (the remaining 23 hours of the day) you are left with an increased oxygen supply to the affected area naturally.