Altitude Benefits

Major Benefits

  • Time efficient training, Minimum Time = Maximum benefitsyoga
  • Improved aerobic performance and oxygen utilization
  • Enhanced power, speed, strength and endurance

  • Decreased resting heart rate

  • Diminished overall fatigue

  • Increased exercise-til-exhaustion (ETE) time

  • Reduced recovery time after exertion

  • Maintenance of cardiovascular fitness when injured

  • Increased calorie burn, which is great for weight loss

 Physiological Effects

  • New red blood cell production
  • New blood capillary growth

  • Improved anti-oxidant balance

  • Micro-organism efficiency

  • Improved physiological function

  • Strengthened immune system

  • Promotion of health and wellness, and a host of further benefits


    It is noted that most of the longest living and leanest populations on earth are those who live at altitude and this is no coincidence.