Reaching New Heights in Health and Fitness

The future of Health & Fitness training is here… ALTITUDE TRAINING

Now you can utilize this proven training method in the same way the world’s best athletes have for decades, at an affordable price.

Most of us have heard of Altitude training and often associate it as being an expensive training method for elite athletes, who travel overseas to regions of High Altitude.  That is, however, until now. Instead of travelling to the mountains to train, let the mountains come to you. Ontic Health & Fitness is home to a 10 person Altitude chamber, one of only three in Queensland.

Ontic Health & Fitness specialise in high altitude training for anyone looking to improve their sports performance and rehabilitation, pre-acclimatisation to altitude environments and achieve weight loss goals.

How does Altitude Training work?

The purpose of Altitude training is to enhance the internal and external functioning of the body to achieve a more active and healthier lifestyle.  When exposed to hypoxia (decreased oxygen saturation levels in blood), the body struggles to produce the required amount of energy. Therefore, your body is encouraged to respond with physiological adaptations. These adaptations may include an increase in the body’s respiratory, cardiovascular and oxygen utilization systems.

Who can benefit from Altitude training?

  • Athletes

  • Fitness Enthusiasts

  • Mountaineers, Trekkers

  • Health Conscious Individuals