Altitude Chamber at Ontic Health & Fitness

Ontic Health & Fitness is located in the heart of Wellington Point and is home to a 10 person altitude chamber, one of only a handful of facilities in Brisbane.  The chamber currently consists of a range of cardio equipment including; 5x Stationary Watt Bikes, 2x Treadmills, 1x Cross Trainer, 1x Rower and 1x Ski Machine.

Generally, our altitude chamber is set to 14%, approximately 3,400m above sea level (MASL); however, on specific nights of the week, the altitude chamber is decreased to 11.5% (approx.  5,000 MASL). The altitude chamber at Ontic Health & Fitness is restricted to go no higher than 5,000 MASL, as this is when the body starts to consume muscle for energy.


A hypoxic unit and generator combination is used to supply low O2air to our altitude chamber. Essentially, you will be breathing oxygen reduced air. These levels are controlled by internal sensors which monitor the O2 levels and provide feedback to our CPU that then adjusts output to maintain our pre-set levels.

Our altitude chamber is suitable for anyone and we can recommend training plans based on your own individual goals and timeframes. In order to gain the benefits from Altitude training we recommend a minimum of two, 45mins sessions a week for a minimum period of 3-4 weeks. Slowly the number of sessions and duration of sessions should be increased to enable increased power and endurance.

 altitude room

Advantages of an Altitude Chamber

  • Comfortable and safe

  • Levels are pre-set and controlled

  • No masks required